Experienced Frontend Web Developer and Interaction Designer

By Phil Steer Technology editor

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I'm an accessibility-focused senior frontend developer and interaction designer with a whole load of professional experience. I'm currently working for AND Digital and previously for BPDTS within the Department for Work and Pensions, and have before that I managed to tot up over 10 years digital agency experience, as well as some technical project management, mentoring, presenting and being an all-round decent bloke.

I've worked on award-winning projects in my time. Once, I worked on something that almost won an EMMY too. I work well with others. I can even work alone. I sometimes do my own thing too. You should probably hire me for things. I can help with lots of things.

I have worked with all sorts of things over the years, including: MODX, Grav, Drupal, Shopify, Tumblr, React, static site generators like Jekyll, lots of templating languages (like Twig, Liquid, Smarty, Nunjucks) and even plain ol' vanilla Javascript. I also know how to theme for Wordpress (but please don't ask me to).

I can help you with

HTML, CSS, Javascript (including ES6 onwards, a bit of React and probably more sooner or later), accessibility, prototyping, coding standards, code reviews, site performance, and whether or not any given cheeseburger is of a high enough standard. I also just really enjoyed that Oxford comma.

Stuff I like to do

Ask me about how many pets I don't have. I dare you. (Answer: 7 dogs, 7 cats, some fish and I help out with a horse occasionally. And yes, I'm tired).

I sometimes try to play ukulele or guitar. Badly. Sometimes I try to play them a bit better. Football, mmm? Eh? Jumpers for goalposts, hmm? Sheffield United supporter. Gamer when I get the chance.

Bit of a sucker for a filthy cheeseburger or a pizza. Or three. I like to put pink in designs. HOT PINK. I have tattoos. One is in Japanese and it's legit. I can speak the tat.

Can you tell what my favourite film is? I'm not telling! I do love a good film or binge-worthy TV show.

You can also view the previous version of this site to see just how much I decided to change it up.

An awkward portrait of the author. Photograph by Phil Steer

Stuff I've worked on

By Phil Steer Technology editor

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A little selection of stuff that still exists, and is still almost how I remember it. Some of this is now pretty old, but I'm leaving some references for posterity, because sometimes we like to reminisce.

Code stuff

By Phil Steer Code editor

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Where you can find me

By Phil Steer Social editor

Code I'm happy to share can be found on my GitHub account. My 'Business Facebook for Recruiters' profile is over on LinkedIn.

Occasional swears, historical bad opinions you'll find on Twitter. Sometimes photography of cats and dogs and (rarely) holidays on my Instagram. My Pinterest boards for when you want to see a bunch of stuff I saw that I liked. See how lazy I've been recently: Fitbit.

My (non-console) games and 'cheevos': Steam. Rarely used any more since Yahoo! Yabuggered! it! up! My Tumblr has lots of random funny and cute stuff.

Accessibility Information

By Phil Steer Accessibility editor

I've taken a lot of care to make everything on this site accessible to all. I hope you never run into any issues using this site (or indeed any site I've created).

In the unfortunate event that you run into any problems with any part of this site, please contact me via one of the social options and let me know about the issue and what your web browsing set up is so I can try to replicate and fix the issue.

All colour combinations should pass at least WCAG 2.0 AA standard for large and small text, and in many cases they should also pass at AAA standard for large text. If you spot a colour combination that fails - let me know so I can take a look!

Privacy & Cookies

By Phil Steer Legal editor

Privacy is important, especially on the Internet where there are people who want to steal your identity and live in your skin. Fortunately, I am not one of those people. I only use cookies to set your colour theme preference and the fact you accept cookies from this site. I'm not even using an analytics package on here. Or trackers. Or advertising. IIJWII.

If you spot anything that makes you think otherwise, let me know and I'll get it looked into. I don't need your personal data, and I don't want it.


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